Indofine Chemical Company, Inc.

Indofine Chemical Company, Inc.
Type: Manufacturer
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nystatin dihydrate--Antibiotic and antimicrobial agents cas:1400-61-9
nystatin dihydrate--Antibiotic and antimicrobial agents
N-acetyl-L-proline--Nutrition Enhancers cas:68-95-1
N-acetyl-L-proline--Nutrition Enhancers
1,2,3,5-Di-O-isopropylidene-alpha-D-xylofuranose--Carbohydrate cas:20881-04-3
L-Menthol--Forest chemicals cas:2216-51-5
L-Menthol--Forest chemicals
Nalidixic acid--Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Agents cas:389-08-2
Nalidixic acid--Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Agents
acetic acidity,2-bromo-2,2-difluoro---Respiratory System Agents cas:354-08-5
acetic acidity,2-bromo-2,2-difluoro---Respiratory System Agents
3,5-Dibenzyloxyacetophenone--Aldehyde & Ketone & Chinone cas:28924-21-2
3,5-Dibenzyloxyacetophenone--Aldehyde & Ketone & Chinone
Cinnamaldehyde--Forest chemicals cas:104-55-2
Cinnamaldehyde--Forest chemicals
2-Camphanone--Daily Chemicals cas:76-22-2
2-Camphanone--Daily Chemicals
Company Profile:

INDOFINE Chemical Company, Corporation., Established almost 30 years ago, is dedicated to supplying top quality rare organic molecules, biochemicals and natural items for that growth of science. We offer custom synthesis, contract research, process development and toll manufacturing within the regions of flavonoids, coumarins, acetophenones, benzophenones, chromones, fluoro-organics, heterocyclics and natural items for that pharmaceutical, farming and existence science industries.This past year, our development lab synthesized over 300 new compounds, including many combinatorial chemistry foundations and compounds for medicinal chemistry projects. Our product catalogs can be found in paper and CD-Rom formats.INDOFINE Chemical Company, Corporation. has been a member of the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA) and the American Chemical Society since 2001.We are licensed using the following agencies:NY/NJ Minority Buying CouncilSmall Disadvantaged Business AssociationWomen's Company National CouncilPlease e-mail or fax demands for copies of those certifications.

Company: Indofine Chemical Company, Inc.
Name: Mr.RameshMandadi
Telephone: 908-359-6778
Fax: 908-359-1179